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Wholesale Specialty Coffee For Your Business

As a coffee supplier, we want to empower your business by providing freshly roasted, high-quality coffee, coffee education and support. Not only do we help our partners craft a sustainable, quality coffee program that fits their budget and palate, but we provide a variety of additional services.

What do we offer as a Wholesale Partner?

  • Freshly roasted specialty coffee
    • Our portfolio features single-origin coffees - from light to dark roasts including Decaf - as well as custom blends and Cold Brew.
  • Competitive pricing
    • We offer coffee at a discounted price to our wholesale partners.
  • Delivery and shipping
    • We deliver or ship coffee directly to your business. 
    • On-demand Customer Service
      • We provide our partners with on-site, in-person support to resolve your issues quickly. 
    • In-Person Consulting and Training
      • We can equip your team with the knowledge necessary to take your business to the next level.
    • Cross-Promotion Opportunities
      • We can promote your business on our website and social media platforms. 

    Additional Services

    • Equipment Recommendations

      • A conversation of the equipment and supplies you will need to run a successful bar. 

    • Equipment Maintenance

      • A one-hour, on-site training session with your staff to review:

        • Overview of proper cleaning supplies (Rinza, Cafiza, Grindz)

        • Weekly and monthly maintenance for espresso machine

        • Understanding why and how to clean grinders properly

    • Coffee Knowledge

      • A one-hour, on-site training session with your staff to review:

        • Espresso Anatomy – understanding the three layers of espresso

        • Coffee Tasting – what to look for in a great tasting espresso shot

        • Proper dial-in techniques

        • Using the right tools to pull a great shot – tamper, distributors, scales

    • Latte Art Training

      • A one-hour, on-site training session with your staff to review:

        • Proper milk steaming techniques

        • Pouring techniques

        • Drink knowledge and terminology

        • Latte art practice

    Join the growing number of businesses serving exceptional, specialty coffee! 

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