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As a specialty coffee roaster, we hold ourselves responsible for setting the standard on coffee sustainability. Here at Queen City Coffee Roasters, we know that it matters where and how we get our coffee beans.

Why does it matter where we get our coffee?
All our green beans come from direct relationship with the coffee producers, instead of relying on importers.

We prefer direct relationship with our producers because it benefits the farmers the most. As a small roastery, it's our job to take of our coffee producers. This means paying the prices that allows the farmers to have a living wage which also serves to incentivize the next generation to continue the profession. In addition to wages, we are also committed to helping them improve farming techniques and sustain their farms.

One of the benefits of our sourcing methods is an intimate experience between producer and roaster, one that is built on trust. It allows our roaster to grade the coffee and provide feedback to the producers, who in turn use this feedback to improve the coffee harvest.

Why not buy fair trade?
Fair trade only guarantees the minimum to the farmers, which doesn't allow them to make a profit and discourages them from investing more in the harvest.

Why does this matter to our QC customers?
Our producers trust our roaster, and that means our roaster trusts our green beans. Better beans for the roaster means a better quality coffee for you.

One of the reasons we don't maintain certain coffees year round is because certain coffee are harvested seasonally. Instead of settling for a less than stellar harvest, we maintain relationship with our producers and only feature in-season coffees. This allows our roaster to showcase different coffees from different regions, giving you a varied coffee experience.