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Why we chose the Queen City...

Our story begins with a vision for a city and a love for coffee. A hundred years ago, Plainfield was a bustling industrial city with wide, tree-lined streets, adorned by stately homes designed by the era’s most famous architects. Industry titans, artists, and New York socialites sought Plainfield as a sanctuary away from the big city.
Over the years, it’s glory faded and now, we’re here to help change that.
We believe in a brighter and revitalized Plainfield. With its stunning architecture throughout the city’s historical districts, vibrant and diverse community, and hourly trains to NYC, this densely populated city has what it takes to be a popular and modern destination for businesses and residents.
There’s a lot of work to do. And what better way to fuel the effort with some of the world’s greatest coffee. Queen City Coffee Roasters brings together our aspirations for Plainfield and passion for coffee in a meaningful way.
Monica & Maher

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