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Don Omar Finca San Luis

New to the Queen City Coffee lineup: The Don Omar Finca San Luis. With notes of orange and vanilla, this delicate, juicy honey-processed micro lot coats the mouth and lingers, like a vanilla creamsicle on a hot summer day.

Why call it ‘Don Omar’? In the Spanish culture the title Don or Donna is given to those as a sign of respect. To our team, this coffee has more than earned the title ‘Don’, and once you try it, we’re sure you’ll understand why!

Grown in the mountains of Tolima, Colombia on a farm run by renown ‘Don’ Omar Arango Tinogo at his own Finca San Luis, the Don Omar has been crafted to perfection from the very beginning. 

The incredible flavors and the succulent body are due to the slow, meticulous honey process. A honey processed coffee is one that has been removed from it’s cherry, but left to dry with some of the mucilage intact. The type of honey processed bean, either white honey, yellow, or black, depends on how much mucilage is left on the bean which results in different tasting notes.
It’s not just what happens the beans after harvest that makes this coffee stand out. In addition to the honey process, Don Omar avoids chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can adversely affect the quality of the coffee. Finca San Luis has moved to organic farming methods over the last 30 years, yielding more fruitful lots and a better bean. 

"A high quality bean yields a high quality result"

-Brandon Perez, Head Roaster
The Don Omar is now available in limited quantities. We have 40 bags of this unique coffee that you need to get your hands on! This bean is for the specialty coffee lovers looking for something new, something different, something special.

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